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Services provided using MAWIS technology

Services for Registered Users

The technology MAWIS offers several types of services concerning the map publication which vary according to the final users needs and purpose of use.

The services GEODATA ON-LINE and ÚAP are focused on users who are employees of municipal and local authorities.

GEODATA ON-LINE is a service enabling, among others, access to maps for authorized employees and suppliers of the authority. This service is of a wider nature and, besides of publication of map materials, it also includes their purchase and regular updates. Map materials that might be accessible as a part of this service are cadastral maps, orthophotomaps, national map works, digital technical maps, eventually other special maps.

The service ÚAP (Land Analytic Background) – it will make features of technical infrastructure accessible to municipalities with extended authority and to regional authorities. Currently, there are features ÚAP from distribution companies (energetic, gas, heat stations and other organizations) available on the map server.

The EMS – the External Map Service is focused on employees, suppliers and partners of distribution companies, this service, besides other services, makes available and provides data through applications Geodata Distribution and ÚAP. That includes not only map materials, but also information regarding positioning of engineering networks.

e-UtilityReport  facilitates the request of utility companies’ report on network existence. It provides the applicant with standardised request form which is forwarded to relevant utility companies.
Usually the investor (constructor/excavator) who has an intention for building a new structure or changing any recent one needs to know where are located the utility networks (gas, water, electricity, optical cables, etc.) For this information the applicant shall request all utility network providers operating within this area.